Monday, October 10, 2011

Black Tiger-cart

Black Tiger-cart - digesting another
species of cart ... and possibly
a car transmission.

It's been a long time since I've been able to get out cart hunting (with my camera) but with the winter weather setting in on Vancouver Island, British Columbia I think that I might have a little more time to search out new species.

Last week I spotted this aggressive Black Tiger-cart near the popular Courtenay Airpark Lagoon walkway. Although normally rather timid around humans, these carts are active predators and often hunt in packs, separating the old and infirm carts from larger herds.

This Tiger-cart was alone and preoccupied with digesting its meal - in the basket you can see what remains of an unidentifiable cart and what looks to be an automobile transmission.

Field marks to look for - the sleek all black frame and medium sized basket (that is expandable to eat larger prey).

1 comment:

NicoleB said...

What an awesome idea :-D
And what a spotting at that!

I found a Pike cart in a small German river two months ago.
And an Unidentified bird of prey as well :-)